About Us

We're Taking the "huh" Out of Digital Marketing

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We are “huh.”, and our goal is to simplify digital marketing. We provide data-driven solutions to turn your clicks into customers. Our focus is using our digital marketing expertise to help businesses enter new digital markets (e.g. Amazon, Google, Bing), as well as our international experience to help you enter untapped markets digitally.

Market entry opens new revenue streams, but we're not only focused on entering new markets -- we want you to WIN in them! With huh. you will get a process and plan that works for YOUR business. And, as the data changes, we'll pivot with you in order to stay ahead of your competitors. E-commerce moves quickly -- you should be with someone who not only knows the market, but also whose method thrives in it.

"Data-driven" is a nice buzzword in business these days, but here's the great thing about data...you can't fake it. We're not able to sell you on results you can't see, and we won't try to. We will prove to you that our method works by achieving your goals. Our number one goal is to get our business partners results and make them happy. We want to be a partner in your growth, instead of just another client, because when you win, we win. We look forward to growing your business and huh. together!